Exporting from a seed

How to automatically get all the locations

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I've modified a version of AMIDST so it can export location files and ocean maps for any world you have the seed to. You can download the modified version from this page.

A location file exported from the seed is pre-filled with all the locations that were created by Minecraft (e.g. villages, temples, mushroom islands, etc), and the application can also export ocean-maps, which means you can have the ocean drawn onto the parchment of the map.


  • 800 MB of RAM - This is because it must generate a large area of the Minecraft map before exporting the locations or oceans.
  • A version of Minecraft installed on the computer. The AMIDST Exporter will list all the versions it can find on the computer, pick the one the world was originally generated with, or something close.

Using Amidst Exporter

  • When prompted, click the button for the version of Minecraft that your world was originally generated with.
  • Select: “File” → “New” → “From seed”, then follow the prompts to enter the seed for your world and the type of world.
  • Once the world has loaded, select: “File” → “Export” → “Locations” to save the locations list.
  • If you want to show oceans on your map, select: “File” → “Export” → “Oceans mask” to save the ocean map.

    (the “File” → “Export” menu is currently only available in the modified version of Amidst, provided here).


  • The list of locations generated will probably cover a much greater area than the range of your map, so the locations have been grouped by map size — you should delete the ones you don't need.
  • If you get stuck, send me a message, if you have the seed and the version number of Minecraft then I might be able to generate it for you and send it back. I'd like to create this as a fully automated web service one day, but improving the map is higher on the list.

OS X users

The .jar file should run on a Mac, I apologise for not providing a native OS X app to download — I don't currently have access to a Mac.

To launch in OS X, open a terminal window and type:

java -Xmx1024M -jar ./AmidstExporter.jar

Oceans preview


“BlueCoastline” theme

BlueCoastline is one of several ocean themes that become available for the Ink & Parchment map once an ocean-mask has been exported using this modified version of Amidst:

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